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How to Submit the complaint

Process to address whois inaccuracy complaint

Report False Whois

Report Whois Data Inaccuracy

If you feel that a domain name registered through us is displaying Inaccurate Contact Details, then please report the same to our Abuse Desk. This can be accomplished by entering the requested data in the form below and clicking on the Submit button.

Please enter the Domain Name whose Contact Details you find inaccurate:
Domain Name:
Describe the Inaccurate Whois Contact Details:
If you are receiving any Spam email from this domain name, paste the complete message here:
Please enter your details:
Full Name:


How to Submit the complaint

Process to address spam complaint

Report Spam

To report Unsolicited Commercial Email or SPAM received from one of the domain names registered through us, please submit the below mentioned details.

Domain Name:
Email Message Header:
Email Message Body:
Your Details:
Full Name:

Other Abuse (Phishing/419 scam)

How to Submit the complaint

Process to address other abuse complaint

DMCA Requests

Please remember that you will be liable for damages caused by filing a DMCA request that is not valid, misrepresented, or under false pretenses. This includes both the costs to the other party and legal fees. Recently a company was ordered to pay $100,000 for trying to remove online materials that were protected by fair use so please take this warning seriously. We strongly recommend you contact a lawyer before filing any claims.

If you wish to file a DMCA request, you must send the following to us via Fax or send via regular mail:

Any DMCA requests sent to us will be sent to a third party which will publish it and possibly annotate it. Your personal information will be removed as per privacy guidelines.

JetCloud will notify the accused party and allow them their right under DMCA procedure to respond or file a counter notification. If you have any questions feel free to let us know.

Anyone wishing to submit a DMCA request via email must attach a scan of the request as a signature is abuse@jetcloud.in

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